How to tell your story, on your terms, and in flow.

Storytelling is an art, but no one will tell your story in the way
you will. All our lives we are inspired by other people’s stories,
either ones we’ve read in a book, or someone has shared on
social media that’s got you taking action. In 2020, there is a
shift occurring, the media are looking for real and inspirational
stories, consumers don’t believe the hype anymore and that’sl
where publicity can help. In this session, we will talk about whatl
publicity is, what magic it bring to your door, and tools andl
techniques that you can use to share your story on your terms.l
We will also explore what could be holding you back froml
sharing your story.

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Hi I'm Sarah Lloyd!

PR Alchemist and coach just published her first book Connecting the Dots [2] about being more conscious in our publicity and marketing, and using the media for purpose over profit.

Sarah has been in the PR business over 20 years’, promoting tech businesses at a global level - past clients included LG Electronics, Autodesk and Polycom. She now offers 121 services and guidance to small business owners and authors, who are looking to use PR as a means to promote their business in a way that feels good to them.


Connecting the right stories to the right journalists, so they reach the right people.

Sarah is a mum of two and understands the importance of balance – in work, family and in life - after being diagnosed with PND at the peak of career. In order to get well again, she shifted gears, and through the support of other business owners in the same situation was able to carve out a business that is successful but also enables her to be present in her own and family’s life.


"Sarah has helped me to connect the dots with her intuitive approach to PR, media communications and content. Working with her I am beginning to really understand the way PR can work for me in my business & my calling"

Katie Brockhurst
Author of Social Media for a New Age

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