Hello, I’m Rachel Leigh-Janney,

as well as bringing my plant based caring team to this event to create delicious lunches for you I am also one of your amazing speakers coming together to create Jodee's whole-of -soul Teepee Weekender.

I’m here to share with the world what is possible form a clean plant based diet! I grew up on a dairy farm so I’ve made many changes in my life to be able to transition to a clean and healthily plant based lifestyle.

It’s taken me a number of decades to be able to stand and be authentic with my food and lifestyle choices. Little bit by little bit I have kept changing different areas of my life and over the past 2 years I’ve been helping others make this transition.

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My style of teaching is ‘you are you’re own guru’ so I’m here to share with you this information and help you implement what is right for you in a way that is right for you and at a time that is right for you. We are all so different and when changing lifestyle we must remember who we are and do it in a way that suits us.
During each of the each workshops I will share with you how super simple each of dishes are to make and you will get to sample the yummy foods following the demonstrations. The 6 workshops will cover:

Everyday Basics

We will create my every day super simple quick and easy recipes including homemade almond milk, hummus, coleslaw and raw cacao & almond balls

Lunch on the go

I’m a busy mum, wife and business owner so having quick and easy lunches ready is super important to me. We will create homemade falafel, a quinoa dish and roasted vegetables.


Family favourites for dinner

During this workshop I will be creating some family favourite recipes so the family to share together round the table of an evening or for Sunday lunch.

Cookies & Cakes

We all need a sweet treat in life and during this workshop I will be making very yummy cookies made with superfood ingredients along with some other sweet treats for you to sample.

Transforming Breakfast

I love having the whole family round the table for breakfast and serving them home-made granola, blueberry chia seed pots, homemade coconut milk, homemade mango pancakes with homemade Nutella..


Healing Foods I’m very passionate about using foods to help heal our bodies too!

Throughout the weekend I will also be covering key topics, such as:

  • Where do i get my protein?

  • Where do I buy ingredients?

  • What’s the key ingredients I keep my cupboard?

  • What equipment I recommend?

  • When and how to prepare food to save you time?


I’m one of those crazy people who drank pure celery juice every morning to heal my adrenal fatigue after too many years in the corporate world burnt me out! 

Plants give us so many vitamins, minerals and energy to help us heal. I’d love to chat with you and offer my love and guidance to support you along your healing journey.

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