Hi I'm Marja Koivisto

I know, that we all are really good at something. I like to say
that we all have an excellence code inside of us. By becoming
aware of the structure of our strengths, we are able to up-level
our life both professionally and personally and simply make our
life easier!

Make your strengths work for you to live up to your
true potential.

Get a more fluent and easier life.

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Hi I'm Marja and I am an excellence guide.

I have written two self-help books in Finnish (2010, 2011) and three poetry books (2013, 2014, 2015).

My latest poetry book, 11 days in The Andes (2015) has been translated and will be published in English in April 2020.

My first English self-help book “The Excellence Code” will be published in September 2020.

In my work I’m using the skills from Non-Personal-Awareness (NPA), The Journey Method, NLP, Conscious Coaching, Silva, Byron Katie’s Work, Mindfulness and some other methods that I learned and am practicing. I am the first International NPA Teacher, NLP Trainer, Practitioner, and Coach, The Journey Practitioner, Conscious Coach and Mindfulness at work coach.


I’m helping you to track the structure of your mastery-skills, so, you can make your strengths work for you to get an easier life and let it flow. 

In your 1-1 session with me I help you to backtrack a recipe of any of your strength or skill which you want to know more about. I help you to build up a recipe, a formula of your skill, which you then may apply to any other area of your life which you want to up-level.

The thing is, we are not normally fully aware of those areas of our lives where we are really good at. We are not aware of what our skill is really consisting of. 

Once we become aware, we may build a recipe of our skill, which we then can apply in other areas of our lives where we want to up-level.

- Do you know you are able for more?

- Would you just have an easier life and let it flow?

- Do you feel you are not fully living to your potential?

- Would you like to concentrate on strengths instead of ‘got-to-get-better’ qualities?

- Have you realized, that when concentrating on strengths you get different results than when concentrating on weaknesses?

- Would you just like to celebrate something in you that is already awesome?

- Would you like to realize more of your true potential?

- Would you like to share or teach your skills or strengths to others, but don’t really know how you do, what you do?

- Are you already successful on some area of your life, and would like to get the same on the other area? Let’s put your strength work for you, to let the life be easier and flow.

I’m happy to help you to backtrack your own excellence code and create your own success-recipe.
As tracking your skill, we benefit your whole body-mind-emotions system, the conscious and the subconscious.
In our session I’ll guide you to see the steps of the skill you choose to study, and help you to put your skill to work for you, so you’ll be able to celebrate more your life and adapt your mastery skills on several areas on your life.

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