Hi beautiful, I’m Karina

Are you ready to expand your business and attract more of your soul clients? Do you want to clear everything that’s holding you back from having the right clients (or more of them) and call in your amazing dream clients?
Join my workshop with Iona and let the magic begin!


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I live in a small village in the south of France with my crazy French husband and our 2 beautiful children. I’ve always followed my own path in life and never cared much for what other people thought of this.

My deepest desire is to live a life filled with freedom, joy and purpose.

When I started my intuitive business in 2012 I decided to create it consciously by relying on energy work and miracles.

I am happy to say that my business is growing each year and I am having more and more fun embracing my purpose through my sacred work.

This is what I teach my clients and I would love to share my favourite tools and practices with you so you can expand your business with so much flow and ease.

As well as holding the energy for JTW I am so excited to share a workshop on how to clear your fears and call in your dreamiest soul clients.

I believe that when your energy is clear and you are in alignment with your highest purpose you will attract everything that you desire.

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